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Applying to Enter the Doctoral Programme

Gaining admission to the doctoral programme requires rigorous preparation prior to submitting one's application. This preparation must begins the last year of your Master's studies. To be able to register for the doctoral programme, you must first:

1) choose a thesis director affiliated with ED BMIC and
2) obtain funding.

To be admitted to ED BMIC, you must have:

  • A Master 2 degree or equivalent.
  • Chosen a thesis director and a thesis        subject.
  • Sufficient funding.

The different steps

1)      Choosing a laboratory, a director and a thesis subject

2)      Locating financial aid

Funding  is equivalent to the remuneration of the PhD student for his/her research work. A minimum funding amount of €1,676.55 gross per month is required for your registration to be validated.

►More information on financial aid

2)      Registering for the PhD programme / Registering at an institution of higher education and research

Once the necessary funding has been found, the applicant may submit his/her registration dossier to an institution of higher education and research to which the doctoral school is attached (Lyon 1 or ENS). Which institution is chosen depends upon the host laboratory.  You will also pay your yearly registration fees to this institution. The initial payment of these fees marks the official start of your doctoral studies; in other words, in principal you will have 3 years starting from this date to complete your PhD.

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