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Hello everyone,

After the success of the first afterlab in April, it's a pleasure to organize a 2nd one!
After a lot of hesitation (because we have too much ideas!) we propose you the French traditional Tournoi of Petanque !!!

It will take place Thursday 14th June around 7p.m, we still hesitate on the place (on the Berges or near the Musée des Confluences), but we will tell you soon.

You will just have to bring your smile :) (but also something to eat and/or drink if you want!) And if you have some "boules" just let us know (representants.bmic@gmail.com)
No worries, there will be no real competition, this is only the opportunity to meet each other!!
And moreover, it will be the birthday of one of your amazing representative: Audrey!! So, be there for celebrate it !!
Pliz just register at the following doodle, so we can organize at our best :)


THAT WAS OUR  1st Afterlab for BMIC PhD Students!

Dear everyone,

As your newly elected BMIC representatives, we wanted to organize the first "afterlab" of the year. Since after long discussions we decided that our strong point as the representation team is bowling, we thought it would be nice to meet to play Bowling on 18 April at 60 Rue Marius Berliet, 69008 Lyon :)

If you think that you can beat us just fill the doodle to let us know for your participation. Hope you will join us for the celebration of your defeat:)

Your dear BMIC representative team.
join us on https://www.facebook.com/groups/402119833325920/