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Application procedure for recognition of working abroad during the thesis (diploma supplement)

The diploma supplement for the recognition of working abroad during the thesis adds value to a research trip in a higher education and/or research institution abroad. As a joint doctorate is recognized by a double diploma, it cannot be the subject of this recognition.

The PhD student must make the request at the time of submission of the viva file to the doctoral school of his/her registration institution.

The application form can be picked up or downloaded online on the doctoral school website.

Conditions to be fulfilled

1/ Proof of a period of at least one quarter spent in a country outside France. Non-continuous stays may be counted if there have been several stays of at least 30 consecutive days in the country/countries (attach certificate of stay).

2/ Carry out part of the viva in a language other than French.

3/ At least one member of the jury is from a higher education institution in a country outside France[2](please attach the composition of the jury).

4/ Authorisation to defend is granted on the basis of reports written by at least two researchers or teacher-researchers attached to higher education establishments in two different States outside France (excluding joint doctorate).

5/ The language in which the thesis manuscript is written must respect the rules set by the thesis registration institution and/or the doctoral school.

Doctoral diploma supplement application form

Attestation of the doctoral diploma supplement