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Thesis Monitoring Committee (TMC)

One of the main missions of doctoral schools is to ensure regular monitoring of the PhD student and the progress of his/her thesis throughout his/her studies. The Thesis Monitoring Committee (TMC) was set up to ensure this monitoring.

The PhD student and his/her thesis director must organize a Thesis Monitoring Committee (CST) every year, at least 3 months after the beginning of the thesis and, in all cases, before registration in year N+1. No re-enrolment will be made without the TMC report.For theses starting during the year (from April onwards), a TMC must be scheduled before the end of November. Organizing a TMC will be necessary to be able to re-enrol for a thesis. In addition, the new doctoral decree stipulates that the opinion of the members of the TMC will be mandatory for enrolment in the third year.


Composition of the Thesis Monitoring Committee

The Thesis Monitoring Committee (TMC) is made up of at list three people including:

  • A member of the DS BMIC (a research supervisor, outside the doctoral student's host team), chosen by the doctoral student, coordinates the committee and must be free of any personal or scientific conflict of interest in order to carry out his/her role completely independently.
  • A member from outside the UDL (Lyon's University), research supervisor or in the process of becoming one.
  • The thesis director (and if applicable the tutor or co-supervisor).

The composition of the Thesis Monitoring Committee is left to the initiative of the doctoral student and his/her thesis director. The members of the Committee will be chosen for their expertise (in the doctoral student's field of research and/or concerning methodological aspects) and objectivity. Members may be examiners for the viva jury BUT NOT EXTERNAL EXAMINERS.

TMC Conditions

The TMC will interview the PhD student, who will give an oral presentation on the progress of his/her thesis work. At the end of this meeting, the Thesis Monitoring Committee, other than the PhD student's thesis director, will fill in the "Thesis Monitoring Committee Form." This sheet will inform about the progress of the work carried out and any problems that the candidate may have encountered. Le doctorant indiquera, sous couvert de la confidentialité, son avis sur son activité dans l'équipe d'accueil en précisant ses éventuelles difficultés.The Thesis Monitoring Committee form must be sent, duly completed, dated and signed, to the secretariat of the doctoral school by the PhD student.

Please note that the doctoral student may contact the DS management team at any time to report any difficulties or questions concerning his/her thesis work. In case of major difficulties that could jeopardize the smooth running of the thesis work, an interview between the PhD student, the thesis director and the director of the DS will be scheduled in order to find a solution to ensure the best conditions for the end of the thesis work.