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The BMIC Doctoral School Competitive Exam

The BMIC Doctoral School Competitive Exam

The awarding of doctoral contracts is subject to a recruitment competition at the beginning of July each year.

Contest Terms

Eligibility for the competition is determined by the director of the doctoral school on the basis of each student's application file.

30 candidates (+/- 2 students, depending on the number of applications) will be selected for the competitive exam for the DS-BMIC 2023 on the basis of the selection of the best applications submitted by 9/06/2023 at the latest. Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the student's ranking in relation to the other students in his or her Master 2 class.

To be able to participate in the competition, the application must be sent by e-mail to the secretariat of the doctoral school before 9 th June 2023, midnight.

Please indicate your most used email address on your application form, as some Master's results may be received late. Your invitation to the competition and your order of appearance will therefore only be sent to you by email at the beginning of July.

   ► Download the terms of the competitive exam
   ► Download the application form for the competitive exam

How the competitive exam works

The doctoral school competitive exam consists of a 20-minute oral examination during which the candidate must:
  • Give a 10-minute presentation on the thesis project achievable in 3 years.
  • Answer the jury's questions for 10 minutes.

The presentation should be in Power-Point or PDF format. The presentation and questions may be in French or English.

The following criteria will be taken into account:

For the Presentation (out of 20 points):

  • Introduction
  • Feasibility of the project in 3 years
  • Quality of slides
  • Clarity
  • General

For questions (out of 40 points):

  • Clarity and conciseness
  • Accuracy
  • Scientific Maturity
  • Général

Material available

  • Video projector - laptop PC - pointer
  • Bring the presentation on a USB key.