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3 types of training are offered to BMIC PhD students

The PhD student, during the three years of his/her thesis, must validate AT LEAST :

A training course in research ethics AND a training course in scientific integrity as well as 2 transversal training modules.

This is a sine qua non condition for the thesis defense.

If the PhD student cannot provide proof of having followed this number of hours of additional training, he/she will not be able to defend his/her thesis. This is why we advise all our PhDstudents to spread these training hours over the entire duration of their doctorate.

1/ Research Ethics Training AND Scientific Integrity Training:

These training courses are mandatory and are offered in various forms by the UDL but can be taken elsewhere. It is imperative to download a proof of monitoring of these training courses in the training tab of your SIGED profile.

2/ Transversal doctoral training

It allows the PhD student to see other approaches or fields. The course must be 40 hours (minimum) and is compulsory. It can be made up of 2 modules of 20 hours each, or of a set of cumulative training courses of different durations. In all cases (*), a minimum of 2 modules are required.(*)Exceptions to this rule :
  • PhD students doing a joint doctorate, or receiving a CIFRE grant, are only required to complete half of this training (20 hours).
  • PhD students working in a hospital environment are exempt from this training.
  • PhD students following training in animal experimentation.

3 /The BMIC ED offers help for professional integration Thanks to the "Science Me Up" training

Each year, we enable about thirty doctoral students to prepare their post-doctoral thesis thanks to this training provided by a Doctor of Biology.