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Thesis Defense

You must take the time necessary to prepare the administrative file for the thesis defense.

We require you to attach your thesis support project when it is signed by the BMIC management.


Composition of the thesis jury

As of 1st September 2016: :
  • The minimum number of jury members is 4 (instead of 3) and the maximum is 8
  • The thesis director participates in the jury but does not take part in the decision
  • The composition of the jury must allow a balanced representation of women and men. On this point, and while waiting for the "UCBL1 rules for PhD defenses" document to be modified, you will find the UCBL1 rule that should be applied :
Number of jury members

Possible configuration
4 members 2 men – 2 women
5 members 2 men– 3 women or vice versa
6 members 2 men - 4 women or vice versa


3 men – 3 women
7 members 3 men – 4 women or vice versa
8 members 3 hommes – 5 women or vice versa


4 men – 4 women

The thesis director(s) participate(s) in the jury and appear(s) on the list of members, including for the legal submission of theses.
He/She is present at the discussion and his/her participation remains valuable for a good understanding of the work he/she has supervised. He/she may, where appropriate, provide information in the discussions leading to the decision. He/she is therefore not supposed to lead the debates and, although he/she attends the deliberations, he/she does not take part in the final decision.The thesis director is therefore taken into account in the internal or external (to the institution of attachment) member ratio. He/she does not sign the minutes for the deliberations, but does sign the defense report. When the defense report mentions the deliberations, it must be stated that this decision was taken by the members of the jury other than the thesis director(s).It is preferable to complete the degree certificate by noting the thesis director. The memorandum and the model of the certificate will then be modified to this effect.

At least half of the jury must be made up of professors or similar (see decree). The jury includes at least 2 external members with accreditation to supervise research or belonging to one of the categories referred to in article 11 of the decree.The external members must be external to the candidate's doctoral school and institution. The members of the jury shall appoint a chairman from among them; he/she must be a professor or equivalent or a teacher of equivalent rank. The Université de Lyon 1 requires the presence of a teacher-researcher from the institution with an accreditation to supervise research, the ENS a teacher-researcher or a researcher with an accreditation to supervise research attached to a research unit under the supervision of the ENS.

For the PhD student enrolled at the Université de Lyon 1

One member of the jury must be from the Université de Lyon 1 as a teacher-researcher (Professor or Lecturer with accreditation to supervise research).

For the PhD student enrolled at the ENS Lyon

A member of the jury must be a Professor or a Research Director carrying out most of his/her research work at the ENS Lyon.