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PHD WITH APL (Accreditation of Prior Learning)

Turning professional experience into a diploma thanks to APL

The Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) allows you to obtain a diploma, in part or in full, based on at least one year of paid, unpaid or volunteer work experience.

Who is involved?

Employees on permanent contracts, employees on fixed-term contracts, non-employees, temporary workers, jobseekers, volunteers, with a minimum of one year of continuous or non-continuous experience related to the diploma in question.

For what purposes?

  • gain recognition for their abilities
  • gain work experience
  • become more employable

How can you obtain an APL?

The APL is obtained in 4 steps 
  1. First contact
  2. Putting together and sending off the feasibility file
  3. Following of the APL file
  4. Jury validation.
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APL zone of the Université Lyon 1

Following the same principle

There is the APPL procedure (Accreditation of Professional and Personal Learning) which allows you to obtain a diploma and thus resume your studies.