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Funding the 4th year of your thesis
Funding is equivalent to the doctoral student's payment for his or her research work. Funding is sometimes associated with a thesis subject proposed by a laboratory, sometimes it is up to the doctoral student to take the necessary steps to obtain one. In all cases, the doctoral student is advised by his or her thesis director.

Starting on September 1st 2022, the doctoral student must be able to prove a minimum funding of 1975 euros gross per month (about 1540 euros net )  in order to be able to register. Without this funding, no application can be validated.

There are various schemes and sources of funding to which it is possible to apply. Most of them now give rise to an employment contract between the PhD student and the organization that provides the funding. This means that the PhD student receives a salary and both the student and the employer contribute to social protection.

The different modes of funding

The CAMPUS FRANCE website lists all sources of funding :
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A doctoral contract

The doctoral contract is a three-year employment contract signed between the doctoral student and a public higher education and research institution or by a public research institute. It is characterized by a remuneration fixed by ministerial order (of €1866 minimum).
To obtain this type of contract, the candidate must be presented by his/her laboratory at the doctoral school competitive exam organized each year.
Within the framework of the doctoral contract, the doctoral student undertakes to participate in the activities of the establishment and the laboratory. Complementary activities can be teaching hours (64H/year), an skill-based task, an activity for spreading scientific and technical culture, an activity for adding value to research (in these last cases, 32 days/year).

Funding from Foundations

Call for nominations from" La Ligue contre le cancer"
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The CIFRE scheme

The CIFRE (Industrial Convention for Training by Research) scheme brings together three partners around a research project: A company, a PhD student and a research laboratory.The PhD student is recruited and employed by the company for at least 3 years under a private law contract. During this period, he/she will carry out full-time research work on a subject that is of interest to the company, the laboratory and the candidate. The company is subsidized by the Ministry in charge of higher education.The hiring salary cannot be less than €23,484 gross per year.

Funding from research organizations

Many research organizations offer thesis funding. Priority should be given to obtaining information from the websites of these organizations.

ATER positions

The positions of temporary teaching and research associates (ATER) are offered by the institutions to doctoral students in their final year of doctoral studies. They are mainly open to doctoral students in their final year of thesis (the candidate must commit to a thesis viva before the end of the calendar year (renewable once for a period of one year) to trainee or category A officials. The ATER holds a teaching position within the institution, either full time (193 hr EQ TD) or part time (96 hr EQ TD)

Funding for foreign candidates

Funding is offered by some governments to their nationals, by French embassies or by foundations. Candidates should contact these entities directly to find out how to apply.
If you are in possession of such a scholarship and you wish to carry out a PhD in one of the partner laboratories of the DS BMIC, you should inform the management of the doctoral school beforehand.

Other funding

Other methods of funding are also possible: salary for a hospital practitioner working as a doctor during his or her thesis, etc. If you obtain one of these particular types of funding, you should inform the BMIC ED management in advance.
Information on Funding for Studies and Research

Funding the 4th year of your thesis

This helps to finance positions for :

  • End of science thesis
  • Post-doctoral studies abroad
  • Help to return to France
  • Post-doctoral studies abroad
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