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First enrolment as a PhD student

First enrolment as a PhD student

Enrolment as a PhD student happens in two parts:

PhD students must enrol both at the doctoral school and at one of the two institutions, Lyon 1 or the ENS.
Please note! For the academic year 2022/2023, doctoral students can register

: from  4 September 2023 to 5 December 2023.
For doctoral students whose contract starts during the year in 2023, registration will close on Friday 14 April 2023. Your file must therefore be at 5/6 on Siged two weeks before.

ENS: from 13 July to 17 November 2022.

Enrolment in the BMIC DS presupposes full adherence to the school's Rules and Regulations.

Students enrolled in the first year must sign the rules and regulations and the charter that we propose to you below,
PLEASE, BE AWARE that the UCBL doctoral students have an additional clause to add to the charter, so please select the document corresponding to your enrolment institution:


Re-Registration each year

Re-registration at BMIC is conditional each year on the presentation of a proof of funding covering the coming year (or until the date of the defense for the final year of the thesis), the report of the thesis monitoring committee for the past year and the update of your individual training agreement.

Please note! Registrations and re-registrations will no longer be made on Siged, but on another system, Adum.


You will find details of the new registration procedures and a tutorial showing you how to use the new platform, the steps to follow, etc. at the following link:


For doctoral students registering at Lyon 1
►Find out more about enrolling at Lyon 1

For PhD students enrolling at the ENS
►Find out more about enrolling at the ENS