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The BMIC Doctoral School Committee

The BMIC Doctoral School Committee
The DS Committee meets 3 times a year to discuss and make decisions on life at the DS. It decides, for example, on the addition of new teams, the use of the annual budget, training offers, the DS's scientific policy and the criteria for allocating doctoral contracts. 

Composed of 25 members, it brings together the management of the DS and 19 representatives of academic and private research teams and of the DS and 1 external member and 5 elected representatives of PhD students.

DS Committee members

  • BERNET Agnès, host team representative, CRCL.
  • CONDE Lionel, BMIC doctoral students' representative, CIRI.
  • DURAND Bénédicte, ED Lyon 1 representative, MeLiS
  • FALK Julien, host team representative, MeLiS
  • FAURE Mathias, director of BMIC, CIRI.
  • FERREN Marion, PhD students' representative, CIRI
  • GRAMMONT Muriel, Deputy Director of the BMIC ED, LBMC
  • GUILLIN Olivia, PhD students' representative, CIRI
  • GUYARD Cyril, representative of socio-economic partner, Bioaster
  • KHILA Abderrahman, host team representative, IGFL
  • KRETZ Carole, host team representative, PGNM.
  • LE TOQUIN Yoann, BMIC doctoral students' representative, INMG
  • LEMAIRE Marc, external member of the BMIC Ed, E2M2
  • MAUGUIERE Mathilde, ITA representative BMIC-ENS, BMIC
  • MONEGER Françoise, host team representative, RDP
  • MONNIAUX Marie, host team representative, RDP
  • MOYRET-LALLE Caroline, host team representative, CRCL
  • OHLMANN Théophile, host team representative, CIRI
  • PELISSIER Rodolphe, BMIC doctoral students' representative, CIRI
  • PONSOT Delphine, SES-ENS ENS ITA representative
  • ROUSSELLE Patricia, host team representative, LBTI
  • SAVATIER Pierre, host team representative, SBRI
  • TIRODE Franck, host team representative, CRCL
  • VOLFF Jean-Nicolas, host team representative, IGFL
  • WERLE Bettina, representative of the socio-economic partner, Tolys
  • YVERT Gael, host team representative, LBMC

Representatives of PhD students on the DS Committee

  • CONDÉ Lionel, PhD student, CIRI .
  • DJEGHMOUM Yasmina, phD student, LBM
  • EL-ACHI Khadija, phD student, CRCL.
  • FALLONE Lucie, phD student, CIRI.
  • HAJJ SLEIMAN Nawal, PhD student, IGFL.
  • JOSHI Garima, PhD student, CIRI.
  • KERBAJ Coline, PhD student, CRCL.
  • LE TOQUIN Yoann, PhD student, INMG.
  • MIALON Morgane, phD student, INMG.
  • NUOVO Célia, PhD student, CIRI.
  • YANDIEV Sozerko, phD student, INMG-PGNM.