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The BMIC Doctoral School Committee

The BMIC Doctoral School Committee
The DS Committee meets 3 times a year to discuss and make decisions on life at the DS. It decides, for example, on the addition of new teams, the use of the annual budget, training offers, the DS's scientific policy and the criteria for allocating doctoral contracts. 

Composed of 25 members, it brings together the management of the DS and 19 representatives of academic and private research teams and of the DS and 1 external member and 5 elected representatives of PhD students.The BMIC Doctoral School Committee

DS Committee members

  • BERNET Agnès, PR, CRCL.
  • CONDE Lionel, PhD student, CIRI.
  • DIAZ Jean-Jacques, DR, CRCL. 
  • DURAND Bénédicte, PR, INMG.
  • FAURE Mathias, PR, Deputy Director BMIC, CIRI. 
  • FERREN Marion, PhD student, CIRI.
  • GUILLIN Olivia, PhD student, CIRI.
  • KRETZ Carole, Professor, INMG.
  • LE TOQUIN Yoann, DPhD student, INMG.
  • LOUNICI Yasmine, PhD student, CRCL.
  • LE TOQUIN Yoann, PhD student, INMG.
  • MANIE Serge, Researcher, CRCL.
  • MAUGUIERE Mathilde, BMIC manager.
  • MERABET Samir, DR, IGFL.
  • MONEGER Françoise, DR, Director BMIC, RDP.
  • NORMAND Philippe, DR, Director E2M2.
  • OHLMANN Théophile, DR, CIRI.
  • PELISSIER Rodolphe, PhD student, CIRI.
  • ROUSSELLE Patricia, DR, IBCP, LBT.
  • SAVATIER Pierre, DR, SBRI.
  • VOLFF Jean-Nicolas, Professor, IGFL.

Representatives of PhD students on the DS Committee

  • CONDE Lionel, PhD student, CIRI .
  • FERREN Marion, PhD student, CIRI .
  • GHASEMIZADEH Alireza, PhD student, INMG .
  • GUILLIN Olivia, PhD student, CIRI . 
  • HAJJ SLEIMAN Nawal, PhD student, IGFL.
  • JOSHI GARIMA, DPhD student, CIRI.
  • LE TOQUIN Yoann, PhD student, INMG.
  • LOUNICI Yasmine, DPhD student, INMG.
  • PELISSIER Rodolphe, DPhD student, CIRI.
  • RAMDAN Farah, PhD student, UMR 1033.