is a national and multidisciplinary association under the law of 1901. It brings together around forty associations of PhD students in non-permanent employment, who are voluntarily involved in promoting PhDs and their recognition as work experience. On a national level, thanks to her expertise on the doctorate, she is a privileged interlocutor of the public authorities (Government, Parliament, National Council for Higher Education and Research, etc.) and of any structure wishing to exchange on the subject (associations, 9* companies, trade unions, etc.). On a European level, it participates in the reflection on PhDs and young researchers through the federation of associations EURODOC, of which it is a founding member.

The CJC publishes practical information sheets in a section called "A PhD under the microscope".

This series is intended for all those involved in the doctoral program and is designed to present good practices that will enable a doctoral project to be developed and completed under good conditions. Some sheets are more specifically aimed at doctoral researchers, doctoral directors, directors of doctoral schools or other doctoral actors.

Who are we ?

A PhD under the microscope is a project conducted entirely by two associations as part of their mission to promote PhDs : lthe Confederation of Young Researchers (CJC) and the National Association of Doctors (ANDès).
Since 2009, more than 50 people, members of ANDès, or of associations that are members of the Confederation of Young Researchers, have participated in this project during working meetings. Doctoral students and PhDs from all disciplines (exact sciences, life sciences, literature and humanities), of various ages and levels of experience, from the Paris region and the provinces, from universities and grandes écoles, have thus gathered their expertise and combined their views on the good doctoral practices described in these fact sheets.

Financial and Moral Support

A PhD under the microscope is part of a long-term project to write a doctoral guide financially and morally supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
The editorial board is independent of the financial and moral support of the project.


Regulation taken into account in the files:
  • 1 Regulation of 1st September 2016, governing doctoral contracts that started on or after 1st September 2016
  • 2 Regulation of 1st September 2016, governing doctoral contracts that started before 1st September 2016
  • 3 Regulations prior to the Order of 25th May 2016 setting the national training framework and the procedures leading to the award of the national doctoral diploma