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Apply to become a BMIC PhD Candidate

Admission to a doctoral programme requires rigorous preparation beforehand.It starts as early as the last year of the Master's degree. In order to register for a doctoral degree, you must have identified a thesis director affiliated with the BMIC doctoral school and obtained funding.

The stages of the doctoral application

Choose a laboratory, a director and a thesis topic

In order to start putting together your application, you need to contact DS partner laboratories in order to find a thesis director who will accept to supervise you for the duration of your PhD.
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Finding funding

The funding is equivalent to the doctoral student's payment for his or her research work. A minimum amount of 2100 euros gross (about 1631 euros net) is required for your doctoral registration to be validated.

Enrolment as a PhD student

Once the project has been built (Master's degree obtained, thesis director identified, thesis subject and funding confirmed), the candidate approaches the DS coordinator to register for the thesis. The doctoral student will be enrolled in one of the two institutions affiliated to the DS (LYON 1 or ENS) and will pay his or her registration fees each year. The first payment of this registration fee marks the beginning of the doctorate, which normally lasts 3 years.
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