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The doctoral curriculum is coherent with an international experience. More precisely:

The doctorate is the highest university degree recognized as such in all countries of the world.

Scientific research is international. Knowledge or equipment necessary for research work may be located abroad ;
A trip to another country requires exposure to a different culture, other points of view, and learning other methodologies that can only enrich a researcher’s training.
Mobility allows the doctoral student to create his/her own international network, to forge links with other research teams and thus open up opportunities for cooperation for the rest of their career. 

The Université de Lyon supports doctoral schools in their desire to become more international.To do so, it has signed partnership agreements with the University of Ottawa, the University of Tokyo, the ECNU-East China Normal University (Shanghai) and TECHNION (Israel), which facilitate the establishment of joint doctorates.
It also provides financial support for PhD students working abroad (incoming and outgoing) as part of the Lyon-Saint-Etienne Avenir Program.